Families Helping Families


Who are we and why are we doing this?!

We are the Meskimen's!

We reside in Orange County and love being outdoors. Ally loves to dance and plan parties while Sam loves to play music and workout, creativity is in our blood! 


While quarantined to our home during the COVID-19 pandemic (for the sanity of our household) we attempted to maintain some sort of schedule and routine. Part of this routine consisted of activities to keep our 3 and 1 year old engaged, imaginative and learning! One night we made a treasure hunt for our daughter and it was an absolute blast for the whole family. The hunt turned into a weekly activity the whole family looked forward too. A few weeks into making treasure hunts on post it notes turned into fun, interactive and educational hunts for the entire neighborhood!


We found that not only were the children enjoying a new fun game to play, but parents were getting involved too! 

These hunts have brought benefits such as;

Building problem solving skills

Learning new vocabulary words

Finding creative ways to think 

Exercising both body and mind 

New interactions with parents and siblings 

Building self confidence and imagination

Teaching teamwork, patience and engagement


While our community has rallied in selling home made hand sanitizers and masks to help, we want to share our interactive treasure hunts with you! These are not just for time in quarantine, but for times at home with your children throughout the year! Rainy days, summer nights, weekends, holidays, vacations, you decide... 

This is 


 Want to know the best part of Kid Hunters? While purchasing one or more of our hunts is an innovative and fun activity for you and your family, with every purchase you are benefiting others in need. 

To learn more email us at support@kidhunts.com

Families helping Families.