Ready? Set? Play!

The next time you tell your children to stop playing and hit the books, you may

want to think again. Studies have shown that playtime is critical to healthy child

development. Through play, kids build physical skills, improve cognitive abilities,

learn communication and social skills, process and express emotions, and increase


Research shows that play is essential for kids to reach developmental milestones

and learn: play enhances the progress of early development from 33 percent to 67

percent by improving language and reducing social and emotional problems;

children with access to a variety of toys were found to reach higher levels of

intellectual achievement, regardless of the child’s sex, race or social class; and

research points to a direct correlation between play and stress reduction.

At Kid Hunters, we believe learning experiences should be interactive, educational

and fun — especially during these difficult times. Here are some ideas:

1. Look for opportunities to make chores or activities you already do with your

kids more playful.

2. Make a time for a play date. Whether it’s playing with friends or family,

children need opportunities to interact with others in order to learn to

resolve problems and hone their social skills.

3. Check out nearby parks and playgrounds. They can be great places for your

kids to make new friends and learn about other cultures. The language of

play is universal!

At Kid Hunters, we specialize in making interactive treasure hunts that are exciting

and fun — while teaching children essential problem-solving skills, the importance

of teamwork and creative ways to think. For more information on our services, give

us a call today.

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