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Our interactive hunts challenge kids to think in innovative ways, learn new vocabulary and have fun! As the kid hunter, your child will be submerged into a story about pirates or princesses, space invaders and more! The hunter will be asked to help solve fun riddles, color pictures, find their way through mazes, and strive to find new clues! We have a variety of hunts to choose from and more are added each month!  Don't worry, we are working on some even more challenging hunts for older teens and adults too

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How the Hunts Work

Purchase - Print - Play

Lets keep it simple with three easy steps!


1. Purchase a hunt of your choice 

2. Download the file

3. Print it from the comfort of your own home


Don't have a printer?

Sent it over to your local print shop. 


The Treasure Hunt:

Included in the hunt is a back story of the hunt you've selected, a "how to" guide giving simple instructions on where to hide the clues, tips on how to make clues more interactive, and a vocabulary list with definitions of key words hidden within the riddles. We work with common places and objects in your home to make the hunts easy to set up and exciting for the kids!

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It all sounds great, but what do I need?

The only thing we recommend is a printer (your house, grandmas house, a friends house or even an office supply store). The hunt's digital download will include a number of clues to be hidden around the house. Although you could get crafty and use some crayons to write out the clues on paper, we suggest printing them out to make it more fun and interactive!


I'm not sure my kid will like this.

We have yet to find a kid that doesn't love the excitement of our treasure hunts. You can always make them even more fun by adding some real "treasure" to the end of the hunt (candy, toy, or even just allow them to do something they want!). We would love to hear from you either way so please shoot us an email if the hunt was not a good fit for you!

How often does Kid Hunters publish new Hunts?

We publish two every month but if we see the demand is higher... we will publish more!  We are also looking to create some interactive hunts outside of the house and ones that can be customized by parents... stay tuned. 


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